Affordable Reseller Hosting

Affordable Reseller Hosting in India is no more a thing of past. Web masters across the globe can easily access these reseller hosting services from service providers like Reseller Hosting. These reseller hosting services are meant to allow third party customers, to have smaller web hosting packages the suits their bill.

Usually beginners trying to set up their business, as web hosting service providers are keen to be reseller hosting providers. This way they get to know the way, web hosting services work for their clientele and as the back end support is still done by the web hosting provider, it becomes a trouble free scenario for them.

System resources offered to the reseller host within a dedicated or shared hosting plan are passed on to the third party clients in small packages, as per their business needs. Memory usage, CPU, disk space, Bandwidth and other features are also allotted in small packages to accommodate the customers’ needs. It depends on what type of server the reseller is having for reselling the web hosting plan. If it’s a dedicated or shared server then the resources are either rented in fragmented sections or in some cases the reseller sells, only a specific amount that is allowed by the web hosting provider for resell.

Reseller hosting plans no doubt cost more than a regular web hosting plan, but for small ventures wanting to have less resources and minimum web traffic, gain a great deal by adapting reseller hosting services. Every business needs web hosting irrespective of its size and hence reseller hosting is definitely a stepping stone for new and tiny websites that are rooting to grow in future.

Reseller hosts need web accounts to manage their reseller services without any trouble. Control panels are the best interfaces that allow them to access their customers’ accounts from across the globe. Here are some popular control panels; Plesk, cPanel/WHM, Webmin, DirectAdmin and H-Sphere.


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Web hosting reseller accounts at Reseller Hosting are equipped with round the clock support facilities. When customers feel anything going wrong with their reseller hosting services, our experts route the queries to the web host and solve them ASAP.


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Development work for reseller hosting plans are usually done at the reseller’s end, as he buys the web hosting services and then fragment them as per his business needs, according to the type and size of business his customer are in to.


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The strategy at any reseller web hosting plan is to earn some extra income through web hosting, without bothering about the burden of maintaining a web hosting server, maintenance or other related jobs that come with web hosting. It’s very simple, you buy web hosting services sell them with a profit and at times of technical trouble, your web host is the one taking care of it.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is the best way to offer web hosting services to third party customers without bothering about the server or system maintenance job. Even if these are bit expensive individually, these are better when you need fewer resources for your business.

Affordable Reseller Hosting

Affordable Reseller Hosting is possible only when you choose a reliable reseller, who is allowed to offer them customized or readymade reseller hosting plans. The reseller plans are either rented by the reseller host as part of his own web hosting package or sometimes he is allowed to sell parts of his web hosting services and resources that he is has permission to sell.