Web Hosting Reseller in India

Web Hosting Reseller in India is gaining so much popularity, as small business owners and people wanting websites for personal uses are increasingly demanding for options like this. India is shining with so many advantages in the web hosting world, while web host resellers are creating a beeline to offer better and broader services to the clients.

Web Hosting Reseller offers a form of web hosting where the web hosting account owned by a client is allowed to host websites on behalf of third parties. Here the third party gets to use the allocated hard drive space, bandwidth and memory space, for hosting its websites. The web host reseller buys the web hosting service provider’s services in wholesale and offering it to the customers, in order to gain some profits.

The best web hosting reseller can rent a dedicated server from a website hosting company or can even resell shared web hosting services. In case of a shared reseller web hosting in India, the reseller is only allowed to sell a specific amount of bandwidth and disk space to his customers. Here he doesn’t need to rent a server from a web hosting company he signed up to avail a reseller account.

A Web Host Reseller can be a web design firm, system integrator with web hosting as an add-on service or a web developer. Web hosting reseller is the best and cost effective way for entrepreneurs who want to begin as a web hosting firm. Usually the web hosting reseller plans offer the flexibility to resellers in creating their own service plans and choose the prices as well. Web hosting resellers are even capable of establishing their brand through customized control panels and name servers in the web world.

A Web Host Reseller doesn’t need to have extensive knowledge about the web hosting services, as usually the data center operator is responsible to manage and maintain network infrastructure, as well as hardware. The dedicated server owner only configures, updates and secures the server.

A reseller web host in India takes the responsibility to interact with his own customer base, but software or hardware and connectivity related issues are completely handled by the web hosting service provider, with whom the reseller is having a contract to act as a reseller. Extensive advertising is required to get more customers in a reseller web hosting plan.

There are some very famous control panels available for web hosting services and reseller web hosts use these to maintain the customers’ accounts. These web interfaces easily fit any web hosting plan to suit the need of the web host as well as the customers. They are;







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Web hosting reseller accounts at Reseller Hosting are equipped with round the clock support facilities. When customers feel anything going wrong with their reseller hosting services, our experts route the queries to the web host and solve them ASAP.


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Development work for reseller hosting plans are usually done at the reseller’s end, as he buys the web hosting services and then fragment them as per his business needs, according to the type and size of business his customer are in to.


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The strategy at any reseller web hosting plan is to earn some extra income through web hosting, without bothering about the burden of maintaining a web hosting server, maintenance or other related jobs that come with web hosting. It’s very simple, you buy web hosting services sell them with a profit and at times of technical trouble, your web host is the one taking care of it.

Web Hosting Reseller

The role of a Web Hosting Reseller is to render services to third party customers, as their host and allow them to host their websites over the disk space, bandwidth and memory usage allotted by the website hosting service provider. Usually cost of each reseller account is comparatively more than regular web hosting plans, as these are offered in small parts to earn some quick money, by the web host reseller.

Web Hosting Reseller India

Web Hosting Reseller India is not new, but has a long way to go, in order to get more customers for them. Still so many people over the internet are not sure about the services of reseller hosting, it’s essential to improve the publicity and grab more deals on the go.